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Thomas M. Sipos has reviewed horror films, TV shows, and culture for The Journal of Horror Cinema, Filmfax, Midnight Marquee, Horror, Sci-Fi Universe, Horrorfind, Feoamante, Tangent, Mondo Cult, and Indie Slate, among other publications and websites. Some of these reviews are reprinted below.

He continues to review horror films, and books about horror films, for this Communist Vampires website and for Amazon.com.

He also interviews and profiles horror filmmakers -- famous and unknown -- for the Hollywood Investigator (Norman J. Warren, Steve Hudgins, James Kerwin), and he manages the Tabloid Witch Awards horror film contest and festival.

If you wish to submit a horror film or book for review, please submit it to: Thomas M. Sipos, PO Box 1903, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1903.

Please specify whether a film is submitted for review or Tabloid Witch Award consideration, and if an interview is sought. Be sure to include contact information. (A few people forget.)

Horror feature films, documentaries, and short films are all welcome, as are NON-FICTION books about horror films, TV shows, and culture. But please -- NO fiction or poetry.

(In case you're wondering, the above photo is of actress Samantha Eggar in David Cronenberg's excellent The Brood, probably the best Canadian horror film ever shot.)





A Call for Saturn Reform
Screamfest L.A. 2001
World Horror Con 2002 - Film Festival Review


Film Reviews


2047: Virtual Revolution (2016)
3rd Floor, The  (2007)

Absentia  (2011)
Alien Hunger  (2014)
Alien Reign of Man  (2017)
Alien 3000  (2004, aka Unseen Evil 2)
All Girls Weekend  (2016)
All Through the House  (2015)
Anaconda  (1997)
Another  (2015)
Area 51 Incident, The  (2022)

Backlot Murders, The  (2002)
Bane  (2008, United Kingdom, aka Bane: An Experiment in Human Suffering)
Belko Experiment, The  (2016)
Bite  (2015, Canada)
Blade 2  (2002)
Blood and Roses  (French-Italian, 1960)
Blood Relations  (1987)

Blood Rush  (2012)
Blood -- The Last Vampire  (Japanese, 2001)

Bram Stoker's Dracula  (1992)
Bright Hill Road  (2020)
Burrowers, The  (2008)

Caesar & Otto's Paranormal Halloween  (2015)
Cannon Fodder  (Israeli, 2013)
Caretaker, The  (2008)
Caretakers, The  (2014)
Castle Freak (1995)
Chosen One, The  (2009)
Conjoined  (2014)
Crazy Eights  (2006)
Creeptales  (2004)
Creepy Doll, The  (2011)
Crucible of Horror  (British, 1971)
Crucible of Terror  (British, 1971)
Curtains  (Canadian, 1982)

Dark, The  (1979)
Dark Chronicles  (2019)
Dark Vision  (British, 2014)
Darkness of the Road, The  (2021)
Day 1  (2016)
Day of Judgment, A  (1981)
Dead Girl in Apartment 03, The  (2022)
Dead Heart  (Argentine, 2015, aka Corazon Muerto)
Death on Demand  (2008)
Delos Adventure, The  (1987)
Demon  (British 2012)
Devil's Nightmare, The  (Belgian-Italian, 1971, aka The Devil Walks at Midnight)
Diary of the Dead  (1976)
Divination  (2012)
Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You  (2012)
Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde  (1971, Britain)

Embrace of the Vampire  (1994)
End of Days  (1999)

Evil Little Things  (2019)
Exit to Hell  (2013)
Eyes Behind the Stars  (1978)

Fallen Angels  (2006)
Fear Eats the Seoul  (South Korean, 2012)
Fearway, The  (2022)
Feed, The  (2010)
Ferryman, The  (New Zealand, 2007)
Final Destination  (2000)

Final Exam  (1981)
Following the Wicca Man  (2013)
Found  (2013)
Frances Stein  (2016)
Francesca  (Argentine, 2015)
Freaky Farley  (2007)
From Beyond  (1986)

Gathering, The  (2002)
Ghost Team  (2016)
Ghost Town  (2023)
Ghosts of Monday, The  (2023)
Ghosts of Johnson Woods, The  (2015)
Goatsucker  (2010)
Godforsaken  (2020)
Gothic  (1986)
Graders  (British, 2012)
Great Alligator, The  (Italian, 1979, aka Big Alligator River)

Halloween Party  (2012)
Halloween: The Happy Haunting of America  (1995, 1997)
Haunted  (1995)
Haunted Changi  (Singapore, 2013)
Haunting, The  (1963)
Heckle  (2020)
Hell Cab  (1998)
Hell Night  (1981)
Hollow Man  (2000)
Horror at 37,000 Feet  (TVM, 1972)
Horror Express (British-Spanish 1972)
Horror House  (2013)
House of Death  (1982, aka Death Screams)
House of Good and Evil  (2013)
House That Screamed, The  (Spanish, 1969)
Human Resources  (2015)
Human Zoo  (2020)

Inhabitants, The  (2016)
Initiation of Sarah, The  (TVM, 1978)
Insidious Inferno  (2023)
Invasion of the Bee Girls  (1973)
Invasion of the Flesh Hunters  (Italian-Spanish 1980)
Island of the Dead  (2000, Canada TVM)
Island of the Fishmen  (1979, Italian, aka L'Isola degli uomini pesce)
Isolated  (2022, aka O9en Up)
It Came from Below  (2021)
It Lives in the Attic  (2016)

Jaguar Lives  (1979)
Jar, The  (1984)
June Cabin  (2007)
Judas Ghost  (British, 2014)

Killing of Jacob Marr, The  (2013)

Lashman, The  (2015)
Last Laugh, The  (2020)
Legend of the 5ive, The  (2013)
Letter, The  (2012)
Live-In Fear  (2014)
Lost Souls  (2000)
Lucid  (2013)

Machination  (2022)
Maniac on the Loose  (2008)
Marla Mae  (2018)
Masked Maniac vs. The Zombies  (2014)
Memento Mortis  (2015)
Midget Zombie Takeover  (2013)
Mimic 3: Sentinel  (2003)

Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas  (2009)
Motion Sickness  (2012)
Mulholland Drive  (2001)
My Bloody Valentine  (1981, Canada)

Nadja  (1994)
Nervo Craniano Zero  (2013, Argentina)
Nefarious  (2023)
Nest, The  (2021)
Night of the Caregiver  (2023)
Night School  (1981)
Night Kaleidoscope  (2017)
Nightmare  (2005)
Nightstalker  (2002)

NYC: Tornado Terror  (2008)
Nocturne  (2016)

Offerings  (1988)
Office of the Dead  (2009)
Old Ways, The  (2021)
Ouija House  (2018)

Paralyzed  (Italian, 1971, aka Short Night of the Glass Dolls)
Parish, The  (2019)
Penetration Angst  (2003, aka Angst, United Kingdom)
Phobia  (2014)
Plastic  (2011)
Playhouse  (2020)
Preening Swan, The  (2011)
Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings  (1994)

Pyramid, The  (Italian, 2013)

Rats, The  (2002)
Re-Animator  (1985)

Red Kingdom Rising  (British, 2012)
Red Velvet  (2009)
Red Victoria  (2008)
Reed's Point  (2022)
Return of the Killer Bride, The  (South Africa, 2016)
Rig, The  (2010)
Ring Around the Rosie  (2006)
Rondo and Bob  (2020)

Sacrilege  (2020)
Santa Claws  (1996)
Scare Zone  (2009)
Scream of the Wolf  (1974, TVM)
Screamers  (1979, Italian, aka Island of the Fishmen)
Sentinel, The  (1976)
Sewer Gators  (2022)
Shadow of the Vampire  (2000)

Shadows of Ants, The  (2013)
Shallow Creek Cult  (2013)
Shock Chamber  (1985, Canada aka Greedy Terror)
Short Night of the Glass Dolls  (1971, Italy, aka Paralyzed)
Shutter  (2008)
Sickness of Lucius Frost, The  (2014)
Silence Becomes You  (2005)
Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation  (1990)
Site 13  (2023)
Skeleton Key, The  (2005)
Sleepstalker  (1995)
Snare, The  (2017)
Sonno Profondo  (Argentine, 2013, aka Deep Sleep)
Soul Killer  (2013)
Species  (1995)

Spirit Stalkers  (2012)
Spirits of the Dead  (1969, French-Italian)
Stage Fright  (Australian, 1983, aka Nightmares)

Terror  (British, 1978)
Terror of Frankenstein  (Swedish-Irish, 1977)

Ties That Bind  (Canada TVM, 2006)
Tsunambee  (2015)
Theater of Blood  (British, 1972)

They're Outside  (British, 2020)
Two Sisters  (Malaysian, 2019)

Unseen, The  (1980)
Unhinged  (1982)
Unwilling, The  (2016)

Velvet Vampire, The  (1971)
VooDoo  (2017)

What Lies Beneath  (2000)
Widow  (2010)
Witchery  (1988, Italian, aka Witchcraft, La casa 4)
Within the Rock  (1996)
Woodchipper Massacre  (1988)

Zombie Island Massacre  (1984)
Zombie Rampage  (1992)



Television Reviews


Beyond Reality  (1991)
Penny Dreadful, Season One: The Wages of Sin  (2014)
Penny Dreadful, Season Two: Crisis of Faith  (2015)
Penny Dreadful, Season Three: And Yet His Glory Shines Through  (2016)


Non-Fiction Book Reviews


A-Z of Horror Films, The, by Howard Maxford
BFI Companion to Horror, edited by Kim Newman

Cinematic Hauntings, by Gary J. and Susan Svehla
Creature Features, by John Stanley

Flowers From Hell: A Satanic Reader, by Nikolas Schreck
Gospel of the Living Dead: George Romero's Visions of Hell on Earth, by Kim Paffenroth

Grand Guignol: Theater of Fear and Terror, by Mel Gordon
Monsters From the Id, by E. Michael Jones

Mothers and Fathers Italian Association, by Thomas F. Monteleone
Night Stalker Companion: A 25th Anniversary Tribute, by Mark Dawidziak

Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound, Fourth Edition, by David Lewis Yewdall
Satanic Screen, An Illustrated Guide to the Devil in Cinema, The, by Nikolas Schreck
Tales From the Crypt: The Official Archives, by Digby Diehl
Ten Years of Terror: British Horror Films of the 1970s, edited by Harvey Fenton & David Flint

Vampire Slayers' Field Guide to the Undead, The, by Shane MacDougall


Fiction Book Reviews


Blood Countess, The, by Andrei Codrescu
Monster of Minnesota, by Mark Sumner
Robert Bloch's Psychos, edited by Robert Bloch
Teeth, by Edo Van Belkon

Whitley Strieber's Aliens, editor by Whitley Strieber

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