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Thomas M. Sipos was born in Queens, NY. He graduated from NYU's film school and studied writing at the UCLA Writers Extension, where he later taught. He also taught a course at The Learning Annex.

Most of this site is devoted to Sipos's books and screenplays. (See sidebar). But he is also an actor (almost mandatory if you live in Los Angeles County), and a film festival director.




Sipos has studied comedy improv at The Groundlings and Upfront Comedy, and acting at various New York and Los Angeles venues. He's performed skit comedy and comedy improv on stage in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Monica. He's also appeared in many short films, and two features. He belongs to SAG and AFTRA.

Below is a clip of Sipos from a short film, The Ancient Law (2008), in which he plays good King Gutierrez:




Sipos had a small role in Lady Magdalene's (2008), an action comedy film, in which he played an inept terrorist wannabe.



Film Festival Director


In 2004, Sipos founded the Tabloid Witch Awards horror film contest and festival, which he continues to manage. His research into horror film festivals worldwide resulted in his recent book, Horror Film Festivals and Awards.

In 2007, he was interviewed by Sunset Stripped, which airs prime time on Los Angeles channel 36 and Santa Monica City TV Channel 16 (see below):





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