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Menu: (1) Horror, (2) Literary, (3) Communism, (4) Art Deco, Yuppies & Workplace Satire.


Bad Movies  Lots of horror movie photos on this informative site.
Bite Me  Slick British horror magazine.

Black Horror Movies  Black actors, directors, etc. in horror.

Bleeding Skull  "Spooky thrash from beyond the grave."

Bloody Disgusting  Horror news.

British Horror Films  Hammer, Amicus, more!

Collinsport Historical Society  Dark Shadows fans.
Dark Delicacies  Horror book & merchandise store.
Dracula's Castle  Historic Dracula, Vlad Tepes. Maps, photos, T-shirts, links.

Fangoria  Horror film magazine. The BIG one.

FeoAmante  Horror news and review website.
Gorezone  "Bloody daily horror news since 1998."

Groovy Age of Horror, The  1960s and 1970s horror culture.

Hammer Films  The official website.
Horrified  British horror.

Horror Express  Horror film and news.
Jack the Ripper  Everything about the Ripper murders -- and Victorian London.
Midnight Marquee  Horror oldies magazine.
Red Star, The  Graphic novel series combining communism and the supernatural.
Rue Morgue Magazine  Slick horror magazine.

Strangeling  Horror art by Jasmine Becket-Griffith.
Terror Trap  Horror film reviews. Italian zombies, slashers, 1970s supernaturals ... beautiful site!

TheoFantastique  Theology and horror.



Absolute Write  News & jobs for freelance writers.
Agent in the Middle  Lori Perkins's blog.  Millions of free books, movies, software, music.
Association of Publishers for Special Sales  Authors, self-publishers, independent publishers.
Arts Journal  Publishing, dance, film, theater, music, visual arts.

Authorlink  News for authors, editiors, agents, publisher.

Book TV  C-SPAN's excellent weekend show on non-fiction books (on C-SPAN2).

Booknotes  C-SPAN's Brian Lamb interviews authors.

Booksquare  "Dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism."

Copyright Office  Downloadable copyright registration forms from the Library of Congress.

Culture Vulture  "Choices for the Cognoscenti."

Daily Grammar  Grammar lessons.

English Daily

Freelance Writing  "Website for today's working writers."

Holt Uncensored  Publishing industry news & opinion.
Literary Encyclopedia  Scholars discuss literature.

Lumen  Online copyright use, First Amendment, public domain, fair use, fan fiction.
Midwest Book Review  Open to self-published books.  Info on copyright, publishing & promotion.
Movie Bytes  Screenwriting news, contests, markets, and software.

Online Books Page  Over 17,000 public domain books online -- for free!

Project Gutenberg  Public domain books online, free downloads.

Publishers Weekly  Leading trade publication.
Radio TV Interview Report  Guests for media interviews.
Rejecter, The  Anonymous agent assistant's blog.  Make MS Word 97 recognize WordStar control key commands.

Writer's Store, The  Screenwriting books, software, brads and other supplies, news, more.

Writers Weekly  Freelance writers resource.




Enjoy Vampire Nation? Want to learn more?  Articles & images of Ceausescu, Elena and Nicu.
Chairman Smiles, The  Socialist realist poster art. Soviet, Red Chinese, and Cuban.

Cold War Museum  Its history and its spies.

Cold War Veterans Memorial
Communism Statistics
Death of the Father  Cornell University project on 20th century dictators, Left and Right.

Democide  University of Hawaii site on government extermination of its own citizens.

Government of Tibet in Exile  News on Communist oppression in Tibet.
Holodomor Museum  On the Ukraine Genocide.
Museum of Communism  Located in Prague.

Notes From a Tunnel  Blog from someone who lived under Ceausescu.  Parodying Ceausescu's former secret police.

Statue Park  Hungary's dumping ground for all those Lenin statues. Had to put them somewhere.
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation  Intends to build a memorial in Washington.

The View East  Dr. Kelly Hignett.


Art Deco, Yuppies & Workplace Satire


Enjoy Manhattan Sharks? Its cover, done in the art deco style, parodies some of Ayn Rand's book covers. Just as it parodies Rand's lionization of corporate paper pushers.

Art Deco Society of California
Art Deco Society of New York

Customers Suck  "The customer is never right." True-life horror stories.

Dilbert  Official Scott Adams site.

Financial Fiction  Compiled by Roy Davies, librarian of the St. Luke's Campus, University of Exeter.
Floyd Kemske  Author of surreal "corporate nightmares" (his term).

I Should Be Working  "Dedicated to slackers, goof-offs, loafers, 'long lunchers'", etc.

Office Slaves to Yuppie Scum  A list of cubicle comedies and workplace satires.
Temp Slave  Underground zine for temp workers.

The Office  BBC workplace comedy TV series.

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