Penetration Angst

Film review by Thomas M. Sipos




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Penetration Angst (2003, aka Angst, dir: Wolfgang Buld; script: Wolfgang Buld; cast: Fiona Horsey, Paul Conway, Philip Hayden)





Penetration Angst begins with a promising premise. Whenever Helen (Fiona Horsey) has sex with a man, her vagina devours him. Or something like that. We can't be sure because the special effects ... well, there aren't any. We see a man copulating with Helen. Then the entire image twirls in a sort of whirlpool effect. Then the man is gone.

We're supposed to believe that Helen's vagina has devoured him. I guess twirling the onscreen image qualifies as a sort of visual effect, but even so, this film requires much suspension of disbelief.

Despite its premise, Angst is a surprisingly boring film. The script is poorly written, meandering about from incident to incident, with little structure or suspense. Scenes that ought to thrill ... just lay there. Angst looks like something created by first-time filmmakers on a consumer camcorder. Their ineptitude drains all the tension from the scenes.

Production values are poor overall. Lighting is flat, as in a porn film. (Angst is as much soft-core porn as horror). Horsey, and the rest of the cast, over-act. Lots of screaming and hysterics.

Fiona Horsey has been called a "scream queen" on DVD boxes, but I'm not sure that's justifiable. A scream queen? That implies some sort of prominence among horror actresses. Yet Horsey's horror oeuvre consists mostly of three micro-budgeted films (well, they look micro-budgeted), shot in Britain between 2003 and 2006, all directed by Wolfgang Buld. Then no horror until 2019's The Banished.

Judging from Horsey's IMDb page, it seems that most of her work is as a television actress and singer on Columbian TV. I assume that she is a native Columbian, though you wouldn't know it from her accentless English.


Of course, considering Angst's premise, one would expect Horsey to strip nude, and she does not disappoint. Indeed, she strips in all three of her early Buld collaborations. (And in Buld's much later, non-horror Sea of Lies.) One Amazon reviewer called Horsey "amazingly beautiful" and "one hell of an actress." She is attractive, somewhat resembling Parker Posey, but is less talented as an actress. (Horsey is the more talented singer.)

Angst's voracious vagina conceit is not original. Edo Van Belkom's used it for his 2001 novel, Teeth and Grim Prairie Tales used it a decade earlier. Marla Mae is its most recent incarnation.

Consumer Tip: As of this writing, it appears that Angst is difficult to obtain on single DVD. But you might still be able to find it -- along with Horsey's other two early 2000s Buld collaborations -- on the Blood Bath - 12 Movie Collection. A dozen horror films, almost all micro-budgeted and ineptly made, but at least a few are watchable.


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